The Best Wood Material for Making Outdoor Furniture

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If you want to look for outdoor furniture to decorate your house made of wood, then you have to know some best wood materials.

The Best Wood Material for Making Outdoor Furniture

The material for outdoor and indoor furniture can be the same. However, the materials made especially for outdoor furniture must be durable and strong. It is because the furniture will stay outside the house to face the weather change. According to your preference, the materials can be made of stone, metal, wicker or wood. However, many homeowners choose wood as the perfect material because it can blend with the park and it can be fit in with any style.

Outdoor Furniture Wood Materials with Great Resistance

There are many kinds of wood but not all can be perfect for outdoor furniture because outdoor stuffs must be stronger than others. The furniture placed outdoor must have any physical barrier that can prevent the weather changes such as moisture, rain, wind and many things. It must have tyloses too that can prevent the organism or insects to penetrate the wood. That is why, durable wood such as heartwood is the perfect choice because it is stronger and made of the inner tree compared to others.

When you talk about the wood types which are best for outdoor projects, then you can choose:

    • Teak
      Teak is a wood furniture raw material that is very strong, durable and durable in all weather conditions. The best teak furniture is produced from tropical forests in the equator which have a certain climate and temperature, so as to produce quality raw materials and have the resistance to various types of weather. The demand for teak outdoor furniture is not enough to be balanced by the development capacity of the teak plant itself, so it needs certain rules and certifications so that all utilization of teak is done legally, so that it can ensure the development of teak trees can be used and remain sustainable.

  • Black Locust
    One of the strongest woods is Black Locust. Basically, it is domestic-kind wood and the competitor of it is Hickory but it is more stable and it has rot resistance. It makes the Black Locus more durable to be placed outdoor and it is perfect for any weather. It is easy to deal with this type of wood. According to the Wood Database, the characteristic of Black Locust is straight for the grain. However, the hardness and density can make machine difficult to deal. Overall, this wood is affordable and you can make any pattern for the bench or table. It is also tougher than other woods such as white oak so the longevity can’t be doubted anymore for environment. There are many homeowners use this wood for making indoor furniture too.
  • Acacia
    It is the most common wood used for outdoor projects. The characteristics of Acacia are strong, thick with high oil inside. It has insects, rotting and elements resistance. Perhaps, you may say that Acacia is abundant so the price is low or affordable. The consultant of woodworking, James Armstrong said that acacia is the fast growing wood that will not give bad impact for environment since it is durable. Acacia is also resistant to water. The sealed acacia which is ready to be used for making furniture is golden brown, dark and rich. However, it is better to place them off the ground and grass to it will not absorb excess moisture.
  • Redwood
    Another most common type used for outdoor project is Redwood because the material is resistant to moisture and natural insect. Meanwhile, the structure has resin and little pitch so the finishing touch can be applied well. However, it grows very slowly so the supply is limited. You can’t find it easily so the price is expensive. The high price depends on the fine qualities also. It is so famous in the West. But not many people use it because Redwood is soft wood.

Not only those 4 types of wood you can use for making outdoor furniture because actually, you can find others which are suitable with the patterns, designs, colors and also prices.

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  • The Best Wood Material for Making Outdoor Furniture