Jepara Furniture

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Compared to other styles, Jepara furniture is known as one of the best homeowner stuffs and there are so many advantages to have these at home.

3 Main Advantages of Jepara Furniture

You will always find carpenters all over Indonesia but each of them has its own characteristics based on the region. Though the furniture looks the same, you will find something different on it. Compared to other styles, Jepara furniture is known as one of the best wood stuffs in Indonesia. You don’t need to doubt the quality anymore because it has been admitted in local area and foreign countries. Even, there are many tourists who come to Jepara just to buy the furniture.

Why You Have to Own Jepara Furniture at Your House

The wooden material used for Jepara furniture is so good and the model is different and unique so if you are a fan of wood furniture, you must know right away the characteristic of it. The carving is different from other styles that show Jepara. The furniture is not only useful but it has aesthetic too so it is perfect for decoration too inside your house. Overall, there are so many advantages given by this Indonesia Furniture from Jepara, Central Java so you will not just spend the money without getting more.

Jepara Furniture

Jepara Furniture

Mostly, the furniture is made by hands with less machinery things but the carpenters always bring the new idea and innovation to give the new designs so and other advantages you may get are:

  • Perfect for all decoration or interior

What is the design of your home interior? Is it classic or neo classic? Is it modern or minimalist? You don’t need to worry at all because this furniture is perfect for all styles and decoration. Though your living room is in modern style, the furniture originated from Jepara will blend beautifully with traditional touch. What you can do is just match the color or pattern with other furniture you have inside the room. Just pay attention to the size and don’t make the space narrower because you want something big and beautiful. Too much carving will make the decoration too over and it is boring.

  • The authentic handmade carving

As you know before, the material used for this furniture is mainly teak because it is durable and strong. However, not many carpenters can make the smooth and difficult carving such as furniture. Beside that, the carving has its own characteristic for each product so one stuff and another are not the same. It is commonly happened in Jepara carving because all is handmade without modern machine. The result is, the furniture has high quality that can attract anyone who sees it. The carving is so beautiful and it looks alive so no wonder if many people including those who live oversees wanting to buy this for their homes.

  • The good material

Teak is the main wooden material for furniture made in Jepara and it can last longer compared to other wooden furniture. It is because teak can survive until 20 years and more. Beside that, teak is known as the best wood in Indonesia with the smooth texture but it has sharp fiber. However, all is made in good quality and it is so classy.

Those are some advantages you can get from Jepara furniture and you don’t have to go to Central Java directly just to own one of these because there are some carpenters who show and sell the catalogue through online website to make it easier.

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